Slang2009 – An Introduction to Scripting (video conference)

slang2009 - Intro to Scrpting

     Last Friday-Saturday (May, 8th & 9th) I attended to a conference about the role of the new technologies, and particularly the role of Second Life, in the Education. It was a 24-hour marathon (I just was able to sleep for 4 hours) with more than 30 confenrence at the Edunation SIM in Second Life. I was able to attend to 10 conferences, which I recorded and now I am planning to publish here. I personally think that the conference was a success: There were many presentations with head figures and researchers of the role of new technologies in Education, there were a few workshops (I could only attend to Gavin’s Intro to Scripting … but I will post a small summary of Carolrb’s Making Audio Posters for Vocabulary Practice), there even were some external presentations of different issues (You will be able to see an exhibition of the Bayeux Tapestry). Thanks to Dudeney Ge, time to socialize and dance (some time to relax between conferences) was also possible, since he was the DJ (among many other things). Congratulation to all those who helped and managed to make that conference a real success and somethig I will surely repeat next year.


     I begin this series of videos with an Introduction to Scripting workshop from Dudeney Ge (Gavin Dudeney [RL]). He introduced in a very comprehensive way the history of scripting (do you know why most comands in scripting begin with LL… ?) and some very simple and some key notions about scripting. He also showed us his method of working (to make it easy to the resident to use and customize the script, by means of self-error checking devices, auto-update …) and we had a deep look at one of his scripts (a Notacard giver). It was a presentation from really-really beginers in the world of scripting.



P.D.: I’d like to thank Dudeney Ge [Gavin Dedeney (RL)] for the workshop and for the permission he gave me to publish it in Sarasuati. As always, unless Gavin sais otherwise, the copyright of this video follows the general line of Sarasuati (CC 2.0 Attribution, non-commercial, Share Alike). Obviously, the author of the video is Gavin, and I am only the person who encoded it.


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