Slang2009 – The AVALON project (video conference)

avalon project


     In January 2009 the AVALON project was awarded EU funding within the Leonardo da Vinci, Transversal Program. 26 European partners in 8 European countries joined in a development project which will last 2 years. AVALON stands for Access to Virtual and Action Learning live ONline. The partners’ goal is to explore Second Life for scenario based language learning. A brief 10-min presentation about the latest development will lead into a discussion as to what scenario based learning really is and how a course for a ‘mobile worker’ could be designed. The idea about the mobile worker is, for example, that this person would like to live in a target country (for example Iceland) in order to work there. To prepare his departure he starts learning the target language and upon arrival he might be confronted with any of the following situations:

  1. A medical emergency
  2. Looking for a flat
  3. Bureaucratic paperwork

… apart from needing to go shopping, small talk in a pub and other human needs. For these situations, we will design a course in Icelandic and all ideas on how to do this are welcome.


For more information, visit their ning community at


P.D.: I’d like to thank Gwared Morgwain, Baldric Commons, Yvonne Handrick & Gwen Gwasi for the conference and for the permission they gave me to publish it in Sarasuati. As always, unless any of them sais otherwise, the copyright of this video follows the general line of Sarasuati (CC 2.0 Attribution, non-commercial, Share Alike). Obviously, the authors of the video are Gwared Morgwain, Baldric Commons, Yvonne Handrick & Gwen Gwasi, and I am only the person who encoded it.


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