Slang2009 – The Sloodle project (video conference)


     Sloodle is not just another tool related to Moodle, but an amazing set of oportunities to integrate moodle with Second Life. Even though I have not had time to test some of its tools, I can’t deny that they seem to me not just as practical ways to teach, but also funny tools to learn. Sloodle is not merely a bridge between 2D & 3D, but also a way in which students can interact with Second Life world, under the supervision of the teacher, and with the backup of the moodle page if any technical problem comes in the way of the learning process. Furthermore, some of its tools can change a boring-to-the-bones activity into a game or a competition, thus creating a learning space much more appealing to the students (forr instance, the chair contest tool is a great example). Fire Centaur made 2 presentations on Sloodle and its different tools, and he personally adviced me to record the second one because the setting was much more professional. I must admit that the presentation was great, the conference appealing and the tools you can see amazing (some of them, though, might not be that useful … but some others have thound potential uses!). Watch it and see which are the possibilities of these new tools …



     This demobnstration will show educators how they can use SLOODLE for classroom management – administering quizzes, assignment submittal, and some of SLOODLE 0.4’s new tools including: the Sloodle Presenter, the freemail blogger. If time permits, we will also discuss some of the newer experimental tools in development as well.



     Paul is a research assistant for the SLOODLE project, which is funded by Eduserve, and lead by Daniel Livingstone from the University of the West of Scotland.


For more information, go to their webpage ( or to their inworld SIM.


P.D.: I’d like to thank Fire Centaur for the conference and for the permission they gave me to publish it in Sarasuati. As always, unless any of them sais otherwise, the copyright of this video follows the general line of Sarasuati (CC 2.0 Attribution, non-commercial, Share Alike). Obviously, the authors of the video is Fire Centaur, and I am only the person who encoded it.

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