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 Retrat d’Edme de Boulonois s. XVII  JULIANA MORELL   (16 de febrer de 1594 – Avinyó, 26 de juny de 1653)    […]


La globalización y la presión existente en las  comunidades indígenas por integrarse a la cultura dominante están acelerando la desaparición de cientos de […]



Giro Cultural:  perspectivas contemporâneas   Sala da Congregação Mendes Pimentel, Faculdade de Direito da UFMG, Belo Horizonte.  Brasil 12 a 14 de novembro […]

The sloodle GameShow

Paul ‘Fire’ Preibisch has recently released an opensource gameshow for Second Life, where the teachers can create a virtual contest show host for their students in Distance education classes.

Slang2009 – The AVALON project (video conference)

AVALON stands for Access to Virtual and Action Learning live ONline. The partners’ goal is to explore Second Life for scenario based language learning.

Slang2009 – The Classroom is Dead – Long Live the Classroom (video conference)

Given the potential for self directed language learning in a MUVE (Multi User Virtual Environment), what is the role of the classroom? This talk, illustrated by several years of experience in Languagelab

Slang2009 – La Democratización de la Creatividad y la Producción Cultural en los Mundos Virtuales: un Reto para la Regulación (video conference)

The second video I’m going to publish was a presentation on the democratization of creativity and cultural production as a challange for regulation. Brent Renard also showed us some interesting features of his Opera Joven SIM and the different recreatins of Jalisco (Mexico), such as some restaurants (With the possibility to taste mexican food), their cathedral or even their beach. It was a really nice presentation, though it had few assissteners (probably because the title of the conference was displayed in spanish, which could lead to the confussion that the conference was going to be held in spanish.

Slang2009 – An Introduction to Scripting (video conference)

I begin this series of videos with an Introduction to Scripting workshop from Dudeney Ge (Gavin Dudeney [RL]). He introduced in a very comprehensive way the history of scripting (do you know why most comands in scripting begin with LL… ?) and some very simple and some key notions about scripting. He also showed us his method of working (to make it easy to the resident to use and customize the script, by means of self-error checking devices, auto-update …) and we had a deep look at one of his scripts (a Notacard giver). It was a presentation from really-really beginers in the world of scripting.

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