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The old cult of the new

For most of the past century, the United States has created a huge number of world-wide political icons which have transformed the contemporary geopolitical map in some way or another. The leading role of the United States in international affairs and the crucial position of the mass media have launched several politicians’ careers outside the North American borders. We can find several examples in Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, James E. Carter or even William J. Clinton. Besides, there are many other popular political figures which have also expanded their thought and ideals world-wide, such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and so on. Why does the United States create so easily such a number of world-wide political figures? Which is the historic and cultural background to the continuous regeneration of political icons? The new global excitement that emerged after the Barack H. Obama election is another example of such a case, which even gave him the Nobel Peace Prize not with any controversy. Is the actual president another example of the rebirth of an old-new-icon?

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